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The Masterbuilt M7P Gas Smoker Review

The Masterbuilt M7P Gas Smoker Review Manufacturer: Masterbuilt Smoker

Propane or Natural Gas: Propane

List Price: $199.99

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While perusing my options for a new gas smoker online, I came across the Masterbuilt M7P gas smoker in Amazon and was intrigued by the possibilities that this gas smoker presented.

It is a hybrid gas smoker/grill; and while not a firm fan of anything hybrid (they usually do a couple of different tasks; none of them particularly well), I did a lot of research before finally purchasing my own.

But I was pleasantly surprised by the number of different cooking tasks that this gas smoker actually does.

I Liked the Versatility of the Masterbuilt M7P Features

The Masterbuilt M7P has a number of cool features that I didn’t find in any other gas smoker. Every Masterbuilt M7P…

  • Is a smoker and grill with 10-1/2-quart aluminum pot and basket
  • Uses propane or charcoal
  • Can also boil/steam, camp cook, and deep-fry
  • Includes a porcelain flame disk bowl
  • Has a solid-steel 19-inch LP gas-cooker stand
  • Includes a cast-iron burner and temperature gauge
  • Has cool-touch handles for safety

This unique gas smoker measures approximately 18 by 18 by 26-1/2 inches, and weighs in at an extremely portable 40 pounds. And every model comes with a 1-year limited warranty from the factory.

While a lot of these features are standard with most newer gas smokers, the versatility of the Masterbuilt is what sold me on this gas smoker. You can use this gas smoker in seven different ways.

You can use it for propane smoking and grilling; you can use it for charcoal smoking and grilling; you can also boil, steam or deep fry with this Masterbuilt as well.

Included with the model is a 10.5 quart aluminum pot and a basket with a convenient drain clip which I’ve used for deep frying fish, French fries, and chicken. And the option to use either propane or charcoal is another reason I went for this model as well.

But Does the Masterbuilt Gas Smoker Really Smoke Foods Well?

This was one of my main concerns. I was looking for a gas smoker when I came across the Masterbuilt; and I was uncertain as to whether it would actually smoke foods very well.

I was surprised that it performs exceptionally well as a food smoker. Granted, it does not have the surface area to smoke whole turkeys and briskets; but then again, being a bachelor and not an entertainer, I don’t need to smoke that much food at any given time.

I generally focus on ribs and chicken, and this Masterbuilt works great on both.

I like the pecan flavored wood chips, and this model produces some really full flavored ribs; and I even tried a small prime rib on it as well that came out moist, tender, and almost fell apart.

I have smoked foods using both the propane and charcoal modes; and the propane seems to work best as the temperature stays pretty even though out the four or five hours of cooking time.

The Masterbuilt M7P Was A Pleasant Surprise

I wasn’t expecting much out of the Masterbuilt M7P when I bought it; but I liked the idea of a combination grill and smoker in one unit.

To my surprise, it works extremely well with both grilling and smoking. It doesn’t take up much space on my balcony, it has a sturdy construction with quality materials, it is very portable, and my food comes out tasting great.

The downside? It is not the easiest to clean, and it is not as big as some of the other smokers available to you.

But if it is just you and friend or two, it should be more than enough for your needs. And at the price, I find that the Masterbuilt M7P is a great value for the dollar.

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