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Bradley Propane Smoker Review – An Honest Look at the Bradley BTPS Propane Smoker

Bradley Propane Smoker Review Manufacturer: Bradley Smoker

Propane or Natural Gas: Propane

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There is nothing quite like the taste of great smoked food; especially barbeque smoked food that you create yourself.

But wouldn’t it be great if you had the ability to make all the smoked food you would like… No matter where you were?

Under review is the Bradley Propane Smoker. This is a light weight, portable gas smoker that you can take with you to the beach, a friend’s house, or even camping. It is that portable…

Every Bradley Propane Smoker comes with…

  • An internal cooking size of 2288 cu in
  • A gas powered propane cooking element
  • Four adjustable racks
  • A diffuser and drip tray
  • An electronic ignition and flame control switch
  • An included carrying case and recipe booklet
  • A 6 month factory warranty

It shipped quickly, and we received the Bradley propane smoker in three days. Assembly was very quick as there were not a lot of moving parts with this small gas smoker; and setting it up, installing the propane tank, and firing it up for the first time was accomplished within 30 minutes of unpacking this smoker.

The Bradley Propane Gas Smoker – True Portability for Great Smoked Food

Unlike other gas smokers, the Bradley BTPS is a true portable gas smoker that creates excellent smoked beef and fish.

This gas smoker comes with everything you need to start smoking any kind of food you want; no matter where you are. Want to smoke that trout you just caught at the campground? How about smoked sausages or wings at your tailgate party before the game?

With the Bradley BTPS, you can create great smoked food wherever you are; and like every Bradley gas smoker, your food comes out mouth watering and tasty…

The Bradley BTPS is easy to set up and easy to use; and it even comes with its very own durable carrying case so you can pack this up and take it wherever you want.

Setting up this gas smoker is a breeze as well. You have the main control panel, which has the temperature control knobs and holds the 1 pound propane tank; and the smoking chamber (more like a smoking tent) is set up and attached to the control panel with the burner inside.

This smoker uses the patented Bradley “bisquette” smoking system. These Bradley bisquettes are individually packed disks consisting of small wood chips. These disks are created by Bradley in various flavors of wood smoke.

The bisquette magazine/loader is mounted on the control panel of the Bradley BTPS smoker. It is an automatic loader that adds another bisquette once it detects that the existing bisquette is burned completely.

These bisquettes are essential to a clean smoke; they do not burn down to ash completely, and need very little heat energy to begin smoking. Therefore, it doesn’t take a lot of these bisquettes to smoke a large quantity of food; nor will you wind up using a lot of propane to smoke to do it.

And the food comes out tasting great. For a portable smoker, you’d think you would sacrifice quality; but you don’t. Granted, this is a portable gas smoker; and you will lose some smoke from the unconventional design of the smoking “tent”.

But beef and seafood come out particularly well; and depending on the individual bisquettes you choose, you can really experiment with the flavors you create with this portable gas smoker.

The Bradley Propane Smoker – Some Sacrifices for Portability

While this Bradley gas smoker makes great food, you do make a few sacrifices for portability.

As stated, you lose a good quantity of smoke from the unusual smoking chamber design. And for longer smokes, you need to insure that you have enough one pound propane tanks on hand to complete the job.

And the bisquettes can only be ordered from Bradley; so you have to insure that you have enough of those on hand as well. However, they are no more expensive than regular wood chips; and buying in bulk solves this problem.

So it depends on you. Is portability important to you? If so, then the Bradley Propane Smoker is a great choice that produces some spectacular smoked beef, chicken and fish.

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